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Hyde Estate & Letting Agents now provides its customers with the option to buy furniture packages as well as to rent. This can be an excellent choice if you'd like to dress-to-sell or home stage or for a corporate tenancy whose duration is uncertain, for example.

There are several features of Hyde Estate & Letting Agents rental service that sets them apart from other humdrum rental companies:


We have found that our rental prices can be as much as 50% less than our competition. What's more, because you know exactly how much each piece would cost to buy, you can make sure that the option you choose is the most cost-effective one for you.


We don't provide pre-used furniture for our rental customers. We believe that our customers deserve new, high-quality, stylish and contemporary furniture, delivered with an
impeccable service - just as if you were buying it from us.


All our furniture on our website (and in our industry-leading 180-page brochure) is available for next day delivery. So we can move fast.


We offer total flexibility from 3 months and out.

Option to Buy

You (or your tenant) decide to extend your stay. That's great: except now that furniture rental deal starts to look expensive. Hyde Estate & Letting Agents is happy to discuss option-to-buy pricing, so that good news on the one hand doesn't become bad news on the other.


Hyde Estate & Letting Agents are reliable, rapid, flexible and great value - whether you're renting or buying furniture.

Call us for information on 0161 773 4583 to discuss more.